Welcome to the world of Ecromor

The elven siblings, Keyleth and Feryndul, have cemented their place in the city of Terental, of the Kingdom of Ithlondoth by saving the place from the evil Bakelett family and their scheme to summon a powerful fiend into the world. Now the siblings have a new companion; a tiefling that goes by the name Shade, and a whole slew of new enemies they aren’t even aware of yet.

Far off in the Kingdom of Teseah, a small band of adventurers(who haven’t chosen a group name yet) have begun to make their way in the world after joining the Lion’s Den. A fairly new organization who’s goal is to be the guild to come to if you need something protected or found. This small band includes the dwarven raised human, Saoirse Brenhinol-Aevorn; the lost boy of the woods, Faolán Oakhart; the high elf shunted into the world of humans, Gilead; and the former detective who was forced to leave the job, Morris Holmes.

World of Ecromor

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