Lion's Den

The Lion’s Den is relatively new to the realm. It was formed around 10 years ago by Hisspira and her second in command, Tharibak with the intention of being the premier group to solve problems. If you need someone or something protected, you know who to contact. If you need something found, you know who to contact.

Hisspira set 5 “generals” to grow the influence of the Lion’s Den.

  • Dulim Ravensong – Head of the Starreach branch and lead arcane investigator.
  • Eldon Bellafiore – Head of the Redgate branch and tactical genius, rivaling Tharibak in military planning.
  • Daermyl – Head of the Lightwich branch and prized most for his strength in battle. Second only to Tharibak in this aspect.
  • Valphyra – Lead in infiltration and information gathering. No one is ever sure if they have met her.

Our party is also part of this guild:
Saoirse Tymestl Aeronwy Brenhinol-Aevorn; Maw Member
Faolán Oakhart; Claw Member
Gilead; Claw Member
Morris Holmes; Claw Member

If the group continue their exceptional deeds, special promotions may have to be done.

Logo for the Lion’s Den:

Lion's Den

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