World of Ecromor

Deadly Note

The party talked with the other man rescued from the beholders prison. His name is Moryn and was from a coastal town. He told them that he had been taken forcefully. They arranged for Myrn to go with the angels so that he could get out of the city safely. The party decided then to try and determine what the book from the villainous den was all about.

Saoirse decided to try out a spell that would tell give her legendary lore on objects. Interestingly, the book was a remarkable piece of magic. She learned that writing names into the book could kill a person. The King’s name was in the book along with the date he died. Also written in the book was Barzillai Thrune’s name but without a date. She impulsively wrote Irovetti’s name in it. Gilead then asked to have his name inputted within the book to test it’s magic. A metal beam from the rafters fell and nearly struck him. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

The party then scry on Barzillai and send him a message to try and arrange a meeting. They meet up at a bar and discuss the events that led up to this point. They warn Barzillai that he is still under threat of death. And sure enough right as he was leaving, a massive wooden beam fell on Barzillai and killed him. Saoirse ran to him and revived him immediately but told him to pretend dead for now. They took him out and the rest Barzillai’s travelling party and they escorted him out of the city. He parted and gone on to return to Wayrest.

The party returns to the Lion’s Den to let Hisspira know that they have investigated the murder of King Caufield. Saoirse sent a letter to her letting her know what’s going on. During this, Eldon Bellafiore let them all know that there will be a festival to celebrate the life of the late King and there will be a tournament during it. They decide to enter the tournament when they heard that Valentina would likely participate in it. Gilead also decided he would like to cross reference the names in the book they found with those would have participated in these tournaments.

Saoirse had a mysterious dream, and as a result the next morning the party learns that the book was missing from Saoirse’s pack. Whatever could have happened?!

Springing into Action

We’ve now been in this prison for two whole days. Things could be worse though, really. Brin Stormwind managed to get some of our belongings to us, which we found in our rooms last night. Valnya somehow managed to relocate my old cell mate and is now bunking with me.

At least now I have my amulet so I’ve got goodberries to eat, instead of the mush they provide in the cafeteria. I think everyone is rather greatful of it, as they all got one at breakfast.
Gilead finally got hold of his egg shells during breakfast this morning, so we’re about set and ready to break into isolation. Here’s hoping all goes smoothly. We plan to set things in motion after lunch. Gilead is examining the map that Brin gave us to determine the safest place to cast his telepathic bond spell, unnoticed. Meanwhile, Faolán has made off, back to his cell mate to acquire more information.

We all met back up in the lunch room before heading out to one of the recreational areas. I tried to keep an eye out for guards while Gilead stealthily cast his telepathic bond spell. Then, Morris headed off down in the direction of the isolation building to see how many guards we would have to deal with. Meanwhile, Faolán snuck off somewhere to summon some pixies to assist us.

Right when we were about to meet up for the big break it, Morris was co fronted by some old “friends”. There were seven or so men, that he had put in here. He got in a fight with them, and attempted to cast something on one of them. The guards noticed and descended upon him, restraining him and taking him off to isolation. Lucky for us, really. He was able to telepathically tell us where to go inside.

After about fifteen minutes the guards that brought him, came back out. It was time to act. Faolán commanded his pixies to cast polymorph on the four guards that were outside isolation. It took five castings of it but they were all turned into rats and we ran into the building. Immediately inside was another guard, who Faolán put to sleep, with the help of his pixies. I took his club and then we carried on into the next room. There were hallways to the left and right and a door, directly ahead. All down the halls there were slots in the walls.

We found Morris in the room on the other side of the wall where the first slot was. One of the pixies polymorphed him into a spider and he climbed out of the cell. The pixie the decided it would be fun to drop the spell by stabbing Morris with its tooth pick sword (these pixies seem unusually unpleasant this time). We then looked through all the other slots but couldn’t find Valnya’s friend, Stedd.

We continued onward, through the door which lead to a room with two hallways again, both of which had two guards stationed at them. Lucky for us, they weren’t paying much attention and we managed to sneak across the room, to a spiral stair case descending down. Valnya picked the lock and we all snuck through before she locked it again, behind us.

At the bottom of the stairs was a room with an electrified metal pillar in the middle and a few rods resting on the ground near the doorway. We were able to discern that we had to use the rods to keep the lighting coming off of the pillar from striking us. We made it across and continued down a winding hallway. We found Stedd’s belonging in a storage area and various dead bodies (which thanks to Morris we were able to determine were zombies that would attack if messed with) in other rooms. After checking what felt like a dozen rooms we finally found the room Stedd was in. I rushed in and healed him and we gave him his things.

I do hope that now Valnya will hold up her end of the bargain and get us out of here.

Saoirse Tymestl Aeronwy Brenhinol-Aevorn

New Friends and New Breaks
Or, "Fun with Fingers!"

Today I awoke for the first time in this awful cage… to a big surprise! My roommate… er, cellmate, [roommate], had found the mistletoe I had stashed away. He must be really sneaky, because I didn’t feel anything. (I had hidden it in the waistband of my pants.) He said his god had told him where to find it and he really wanted to keep it. Instead, I was able to safely share a part of it without destroying it—I need it to cast my spells!

After learning he likes discovering secret things, we shared a few with each other. I told him something funny and interesting I only just learned myself, and he told me about a lady who was in the prison who is “not supposed to be here.” I wondered what that meant by that. After all, none of my party should be here since we didn’t break the law.

Then we were called to breakfast. (I promised to give my new friend mine.) First I saw Gilead coming out of his cell and met his roommate. Gilead REALLY doesn’t like him, but he seems all right to me. He’s really friendly, and he doesn’t mind being naked like most people do. That tells me he’s probably an honest guy. Plus, he looks like a big hairy beast—totally the OPPOSITE of Gilead. Oh, maybe Gilead is jealous of his fur! (I saw Gilead naked, and elves don’t have fur. In fact, that’s the secret I told [roommate].)

You’ll never guess who I saw next: Morris! I was really worried and thought we’d have to go save him (again) after he was taken away by Warden Khoa, but nope. Here he was, safe and sound. I wonder why they took him away. What did they do to him in there?

Then we saw Saoirse coming from the women’s wing. (It looks like it won’t be so hard for us to collaborate in finding a way out of here after all.) She brought a friend with her named Valnya, who told us she had come from the Feywild and was trying to rescue her friend, Stedd. From what she says, she actually sneaked INTO the prison—and I thought [roommate] was sneaky! Definitely someone who’s “not supposed to be here,” so my roommate is still good at secrets. She told us that if we help her rescue her friend, she’ll help us escape the prison. Great!

We were interrupted by Gilead’s roommate for a bit, and he and Valnya really seemed to like each other. I think this made Gilead jealous (they’re both elves and Valnya is really pretty), so he left without saying anything. But after his roommate left, Valnya told us he was talking to someone about ‘breaking someone’s fingers,’ and I thought to myself poor Gilead must really be upset!

After breakfast (Morris shared his with me since I gave mine to [roommate]), we followed Gilead outside to an area enclosed by a fence—this place really is one big cage—where I noticed glyphs meant to keep people from escaping over. (But what about through? Can rats or insects come and go?) Anyway, we didn’t mean to follow Gilead; we were really following Valnya so she could show us a building where she thinks her friend is held. She says even she can’t get there easily. I bet I can, if I wildshape.

It was about then that Gilead got into a fight with some mean-looking guys in the yard. Of course, Saoirse wasn’t going to let anyone pick on him, and I followed in case I could help in some way.

One of the guys pointed a finger at Gilead, and he grabbed it and twisted! He really DID want to break someone’s finger! The guy yelled out in pain, of course, but all it did was make everyone else mad.

Then, suddenly, Valnya was just there behind one of them, holding him by his throat! She, knocked him out then jumped their leader and broke all of his fingers (I felt a little sick at this point), and then we left them alone. The interesting thing was, all this time the guards never intervened. I remember the warden said fighting was allowed as long as there was no killing, but this was our first real test of the rules.

Finally we learned why Gilead was so intent on breaking that guy’s fingers: he was promised egg shells in return. It was a really smart move if you think about it—I’m going to be doing reconnaissance in a section of the prison away from everyone else, so Gilead plans to use the egg shells to form a telepathic bond between all of us. That’s one reason why I look up to Gilead. He’s REALLY smart.

As I write this, Gilead still hasn’t gotten his egg shells from the smuggler, so we’re waiting to enact the plan where I sneak into that building. But when it’s time, I promise to do my best to make you proud.

Your son,

In the Eye of the Beholder
Gotta Scare them Straight

The party had found themselves at a stand off. Morris quickly decided to defuse the situation by running outside and confronting the guards. The guard captain was adamant that we surrender ourselves and be shackled. The guard had drummed up around three dozen guardsmen and Morris determined that flight was not an option and parlayed their capture into a more acceptable surrender where we could keep our arms. Faolan and Gilead exited the den and together we were all marched to the nearest guard station.

Arriving at the guard station we were approached by two men, both familiair to Morris. Through the telepathic bond Morris explained to the rest of the party that one of the two men was his former work partner Brin Stormwind, and the other one was none other than Irovetti’s cousin, Roberto Corrino. Instead of going to the guard jail, we were immediately redirected to Rishenic Prison.

Arriving at the prison we were all seperated and stripped of our items and weapons and given prison clothes. We were locked and shackled into seperate interrogation rooms. One of the first things we noticed was an oppressive feeling that we were being watched. Everyone was one by one questioned by Brin about our reasons for being at the den. With our telepathic bond still going strong we discussed and our options and agreed to trust Brin. Morris being the last to be questioned explained in full the importance of our mission, uncover the murder plot of King Warton and furthermore explore any truth behind the prophecy surrounding the fate of the princess. Brin confessed to Morris to being on his side but that he had not much power to help us. The Corrino family ruled over practically the whole city now. He agreed to help us escape by giving us access to some small parts of our items later that night. Morris also requested a map of the prison and the location of their personal belongings.

After the interrogation the group was marched to the prison wing where we were assigned quarters. But first we would meet the warden. Brin had already warned us about him, a nightmarish creature, not humanoid in form and recruited by the Corrino family to keep the prison population in check.

The prison warden turned out to be a beholder with a sickly green eye named Khoa. The warden told us the basic rules: no magic and no killing.
Everyone was shown to their cells. Gilead ended up with a hairy nudist, Faolan with a pious praying gnome and Saoirse with a female artist.

The warden had a special cell for Morris at the top of the prison. He was especially selected by the warden for his exquisite physical qualities. For what purpose, Morris could only guess, but he determined he wasn’t going to stay and find out. After some debate the warden vacated his cell and Morris decided to leave. He glided to the bottom and dispelled the magic barrier keeping him enclosed. However he was spotted by the guards. One of them entered the room where he was hiding. Morris befriended him and convinced him to keep him here, explaining that the warden would kill him for allowing Morris to escape. The other guard closed in and Morris convinced the same guard to kill the other guard because surely he would betray him in an instant to become on good terms with the warden. Morris decided to change into guards outfit and was half dressed when an ominous presence made him turn around.. The warden had returned!

The Thieves and the Chest

The party was trying to decide what exactly to do with the men, and figure out what they were trying to move. Faolán was in spider form, on the ceiling above the men, listening for details on what exactly they were trying to accomplish. Before Faolán had scurried down there Gilead had activated their telepathic bond so that the whole group could communicate. Faolán told the rest of the group what was going on and Morris decided he was going to just go ahead and head down there. He told the others to wait for him to give them a sign.

Morris brought down fresh beer for the men and acted as the nephew of the bartender, who luckily Gilead remembered the name of so he would tell him through the telepathic bond. This put the mens minds a bit more at ease and he was able to find out that they were trying to move a chest, but it couldn’t be moved. They had tried everything, but nothing had worked. He went and examined the chest but wasn’t able to find what was preventing it from being moved. He managed to talk the men into letting him call in his friends who was “an expert on these things” and he went and got Gilead.

Gilead examined the chest and couldn’t find what was keeping it in place so he told them that they would have to open the chest, because it appeared to have some magic item inside, holding it in place and he couldn’t deactivate it unless they opened it. They still refused to open and Gilead eventually became annoyed with them and attempted to cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on the man that seemed to have the key to the chest. The man saved against the attack and decided that he was done dealing with Morris and Gilead and told the others to attack. Saoirse ran in and joined them, and Faolán dropped out of his spider form. Faolán cast hold person on two of the people while Saoirse and Gilead teamed up on a heavily armoured fighter. Morris focused on the lighter armoured man who had the key, while Faolán maintained hold person on the mage and the heavily armoured one.

After the difficult fight they managed to knock out the heavily armoured man and the mage escaped leaving only the lightly armoured one who surrendered. Morris restrained the man to a chair and questioned him, along with Saoirse. He told them the name of the drow, Nimue, and confirmed that she worked with the little girl, Lydia. He also confirmed that they both worked under Irovetti Corrino. After they finished their line of questioning, Morris moved the man, along with the one they had knocked out, into a room with two beds in it. The group then explored the remainder of the sub basement where they eventually found a hidden area with the trigger to open a hidden compartment under the chest. The contents of the compartment included a book, which was locked so they decided to bring the book to Barzillai Thrune to be inspected as evidence.

The party began the head out and as they reached the ground floor they saw the door closing as if someone had just left. Saoirse ran ahead to see who had just left and as she stepped out she was confronted with a line of guards, and found herself being threatened with arrest. She telepathically told the others what was going on, but beyond that found herself feeling a little helpless.

The Investigation Continues
That time we charmed everyone

The party had found themselves in a bit of trouble last time after Morris teleported away from the drug dealers in the basement of what appeared to be some sort of hide out for some pretty shady characters. Gilead had cast Bigby’s Hand to hold the door shut as the two men tried to chase him. Morris began to cast Geas in preparation for Gilead’s spell dropping and the men coming through the door. Meanwhile, Faolán was still downstairs in his wild shape. As the man behind the bar began to chase after Morris, he tripped on Faolán and knocked him out of his wild shape. Faolán quickly reacted by casting charm person on the man who began to question him, “What are you doing here kid? Go home, it’s not safe.” Faolán decided to take advantage of his new, friendly demeanor and ask about the little girl that Morris had seen with the drow. He found out the girls name was Lydia and that she had a room here, upstairs. When the man ran off after Morris again Faolán decided to go back into wild shape and hide so he could keep up with what was going on in the area.

Upstairs, Gilead had just dropped his spell and Morris cast Geas on the man that came stumbling through as the door suddenly opened. The man managed to find a loophole in the wording of the Geas though so Gilead cast charm person on him. Saoirse managed to convince the man to tell them where the drow was staying and brought the group to her room. He also divulged that Irovetti Corrino was the one that had brought her on, under him, into the company. The party decided to take various stolen goods from the drow and Lydia’s room as evidence, before making their way back downstairs, with the charmed bartender.

At the bottom of the stairs they ran across someone else. He questioned the bartender about who they were. Under the influence of the charm he declared them his friends, but the other man realized something weird was going on. He ran in to attack the party but Morris charmed him to attack the bartender. The bartender realized what was going on and also began to attack the party. They managed to knock out the other man and the bartender surrendered so they brought them both back up to the drow’s room and Gilead charmed them both again, and questioned them. They found out that the whole place was being abandoned and the company that was working out of there was relocating, though neither of them were sure where it was being relocated to.

The group decided to explore the rest of the building to see if they could find any evidence of where the company was moving to or where the drow might have gone to. When they got down to the basement bar they heard voices. Faolán wild shaped into a spider and crawled down a flight of stairs into a room where three men were sitting at a table discussing how they would go about moving something, though they didn’t give enough information to determine what they were trying to move.

Next time, we’ll find out what it is that the men are trying to move, and perhaps find out what exactly Irovetti’s involvment is with this drow and the murder of the king.

Who Done It?

The group followed Barzillai Thrune up to where the King was murdered. Barzillai showed them the dart that had been used to kill the King. Faolán was able to determine that it had been poisoned by a drug that causes paralysis. The group decided they would come back in the morning when Saoirse would be able to prepare her spells to speak with the kings dead body. Before leaving for the night though they investigated the remainder of the tower.

At the top of the tower was a locked door. Morris dimension doored into the room with Saoirse and they found it to be a treasury. They couldn’t find how the culprits behind the murder could have escaped through the room but this was where their trail ended. Gilead, using his raven to see through the window into the treasury, misty stepped through the door, while Faolán made his way outside so he could fly up there. The room yielded few clues but outside the window they could see that someone had scaled the tower to get into the room.

At the bottom of the tower they found a single set of foot prints leading to the tower but none leading away.

In the morning they came back and Saoirse began preparations to speak with dead, while they were introduced to a diviner that Barzillai had located for them. Saoirse was able to determine that there were at least two people present for the murder, an elf that threw the dart, and someone else from behind.

The diviner determined that the dart belonged to a drow. He was also able to identify the poison used on the dart as zeal and offered to lead them to a place it may have been purchased. The group agreed to follow and he showed them to a bar before leaving the city. Inside the bar it was fairly empty, with no patrons and a lone bartender. Morris approached the bartender and inquired about getting some zeal. The bartender lead him down a flight of stairs to a different, larger, bar area, that was equally void of customers. The bartender asked a man down there if someone named “Ab” was in. When the other man said he wasn’t the bartender informed Morris he could buy from this man. Morris attempted to inquire about whether a drow woman had recently bought zeal but the men wouldn’t disclose anything.

When Morris determined he was unable to get the information he needed he stole the zeal from the man and dimension doored back up to where the rest of the group was. Shortly there after, they heard the men downstairs yelling and running towards them. Gilead cast Bigby’s hand and blocked the door giving the group a moment to collect themselves.

Perhaps next time they will manage to find the drow that owned the dart.

The Little Wolf and the Big Worm
Collecting A Trophy

When morning came Shade awoke early, seemingly in haze. She walked out, leaving behind her belongings, and when Keyleth tried to find out where she was going, Shade told Keyleth to leave her along. A little confused, Keyleth and Feryndul agreed to let her go. They had gotten her safely away from her family and couldn’t force her to stay with them.

The siblings gathered their belongings, along with the various things Shade had left behind, and began to travel toward the arena in hopes of finding the giant they were seeking. It took most of the day to make it across the snowy expanse before finally coming across a city surrounded by a great wall. They were stopped at the gate by two giants, acting as guards. Upon hearing that the elves intended on entering the arena the giants just laughed. Despite the mocking of the giants the two were able to ascertain that they needed a trophy to enter the arena, and that there was a potential mark in the area. Some giants were out hunting a remorhaz nearby and, if the elves could kill it and claim it, they could use it as a trophy.

They left behind the city walls along with the taunts of the giants. When they reached an area with wildlife, Feryndul began to speak with some birds and asked if they had seen the remorhaz. They lead the two in the direction they had last seen it in and Feryndul summoned a huge mound of worms for them to eat. After feeding the birds, in thanks for their help, the two began to travel forward, following a trail of burned trees until they could hear the roaring of something in the distance. They cut through the forest following the sound and as they grew close a boy crept up behind them. Startled, Feryndul asked the boy if he was following them. They boy didn’t respond though and, shushing him, moved ahead in the direction of the roars. The elves were a little confused, but not too worried, knowing if he died in combat he would be brought back the next morning.

They followed him, and as they reached the edge of the trees they could see two remhoraz in the clearning and the corpses of the giants that had been hunting them. The boy ran in toward one of the remhoraz and threw an ax at it. Keyleth made towards the largest of the two and using her quivering palm technique took it out before it could do any harm. The smallest one let out a cry and burrowed underground, running away. The boy stood in awe after seeing Keyleth take out this great beast with so little effort. While they waited, for the body to cool enough to remove its head, the boy introduced himself. His name was Nakoa and he wanted them to join his tribe. They didn’t agree to though as they had obligations that prevented them from staying in Ysgard. He wouldn’t take no for an answer though and declared them part of his tribe anyway.

The three traveled back to the city, remhoraz head in tow, and showed their trophy to the giants at the gate. The giants seemed very confused by the boy with them, thinking that in the short time they were gone they’d had a child. Eventually, they were able to make it through the gates. They headed to the house of the man who owned the arena where the guards scoffed at them for wanting to join, saying they were too weak and accusing them of stealing their trophy from someone else. Growing impatient with the denizens of the realm not thinking them capable of holding their own in the arena Keyleth invited one of the guards to dual her. She effortlessly took him down. The remaining guard told them they would still have to wait until the morning but did at least stop mocking them.

They set up to sleep for the night, ready to finally enter the arena the next morning.

The One With the Yeti
"Let her go, let her go..."

Keyleth, Feryndul, and Shade made their way down the mountain in Ysgard on a quest to find a giant touched by its deity. On the way down, Feryndul attempted to gain their bearings by asking a squirrel for directions. The squirrel told Feryndul of a village located through a forest, but said that the forest had large hairy creatures in it that (sadly) had eaten many of its friends. Just then the ground began to shake, and the squirrel, obviously frightened, darted off and climbed up into a tree. Feryndul and Keyleth quickly realized what was going on: the entire snowy side of the mountain the party just travelled down was moving right towards them!

Knowing Keyleth and Shade both have the ability to move quickly, Feryndul cleverly cast Tree Stride on himself with the hope of using the trees to outrun the avalanche. Together, Keyleth and Feryndul took off… apparently leaving Shade behind! It seems Shade didn’t realize what was happening since she was still standing still, looking around to find the source of the shaking and noise.

Realizing this, Keyleth shouted back to her, “Shade, run!” Knowing her two companions wouldn’t run from just anything, Shade finally took off, running confusedly after her companions. However, while Keyleth deftly used her speed to navigate the trees, and Feryndul the very trees themselves as a means to move through the forest, Shade had trouble pushing through the snow and teleporting due to the trees blocking her line of sight. She quickly fell behind.

Just when it seemed like she had lost her party completely, and still not even knowing what she was running from, she caught a glimpse of something as she stumbled in the snow: Something huge, white, and hairy! The creature let out a roar and gave her a look that almost seemed to freeze her in place, but she was able to shake it off—just before taking a hard blow from its huge claw.

Meanwhile, Keyleth noticed that Shade had fallen behind and backtracked to try to locate her. She came upon Shade and the yeti and immediately sprang into action, landing several fearsome attacks on it. Shade used the opportunity to retreat, firing several shots of Eldritch Blast in an attempt to knock the yeti back so Keyleth could escape as well. However, the huge creature was faster than she anticipated, and it was able to easily close the gap again before Keyleth could move. The yeti, clearly upset with Keyleth for the punishment she inflicted upon it, struck Keyleth with one of its freezing glares and paralyzed her. It then followed up with its own savage attacks, as the ground continued to shake all around them…

Shade, worried about the constant, intensifying shaking and seeing Keyleth was now the one in trouble, rather uncharacteristically changed direction and headed back toward the battle. She used her shadow step ability to place herself directly between the yeti and Keyleth—but her courage was to no avail. Instead of attacking the nearest target, the creature hit them both with a blast of frigid air, almost knocking Keyleth unconscious in doing so.

Thankfully, it was about this time that Feryndul finally located the two girls, allowing him to cast a healing spell on his sister. Shade, in turn, answered the yeti’s attack by summoning a hound of ill omen to harry the creature and give her the upper hand with the Eyebite spell. As her eyes became a pool of darkness, she gave the creature her own death glare, and the creature fell into a deep sleep…

Just then, Keyleth was finally able to break free of the paralysis that had taken her, and the party took off with the wall of snow right behind them. Once again, Shade had trouble keeping up, and in a last ditch effort to escape the avalanche, she tried to cast Teleport—but the snow took her before she could complete the incantation.

Buried alive by snow and gravely injured, Shade tried to use a subtle casting of Teleport to free herself, trying her best to remember her surroundings as she tumbled in the snow. However, something went horribly wrong. Shade indeed appeared free of her icy prison, high above the snow… only to fall lifelessly 120 feet to the ground below.

When Keyleth and Feryndul both met at the edge of the forest out of reach of the avalanche they noticed there was no sign of Shade. Feryndul cast sending to try to ask if she had made it out alright. After getting no reply, he scryed on her and found her lifeless body lying in the snow. Keyleth began to backtrack on her own, figuring she could move faster, in an attempt to find Shade. It took a couple hours but she eventually found Shade’s body and made it back to Feryndul.

The two carried Shade to the village they could see in the distance. When they arrived, it was late and everyone seemed to be sleeping. They found an inn to stay in and Keyleth traded a potion for a week’s stay, as they had no electrum. When they made it to their room Feryndul got to work resurrecting Shade. When she came back though, she just didn’t seem the same.

The group all began to rest up, ready to set out the next morning in search of their giant.

The Return of Morris Holmes

Shortly before going to sleep for the night the party got a letter from Morris, telling them to meet him in Redgate.
The party awoke early the next morning to go about their business before they could teleport to Wayrest. Gilead, as promised went to the guard tower to help with the red caps. Faolán joined him and they managed to take out the remaining red caps in a few hours. Saoirse took this time to acquire components for her spells. When they had finished everything they headed to the Lion’s Den where they teleported to the headquarters in Wayrest. Saoirse went to speak with Hisspira while Faolán went to check on Lwaxana, and Gilead investigated the destroyed remains of Kormo’s mansion.
Saoirse was given a promotion to Claw Member(other party remaing Paw Members) by Hisspira and asked to let her know if they found out anything about the death of King Warton Caufield while they are in Redgate.
Faolán managed to get into the princesses room and speak to her. He discovered that she didn’t consider the King to be her father. She cryptically referred to someone else as her father and suggested that whoever it was takes care of her (i.e. slowing her fall when she jumped out of a tree).
Gilead, while examining the remains of Kormo’s mansion, came across a note that was magically disguised. The note contained a riddle which ultimately lead Gilead to find a ring that had been teleported into the mouth of the enormous black dragon head mounted in the Lion’s Den.
The group convinced Hisspira to let them use the teleportation circle to get to Redgate more quickly. Saoirse had to pay for the cost of the service but they were then teleported to the Lion’s Den in Redgate.
When they arrived Saoirse sent a message to Morris, letting him know that they were at the Lion’s Den, and to meet them there. They waited for him in the bar area of the Den. When he arrived, they caught each other up on the various details of what had been going on.
Morris had found out that not long before the King had been murdered, Irovetti Corrino had returned to the city with a drow woman and a pale, young looking girl. Morris had heard rumors that someone who looked like Lwaxana had murdered the king. Faolán tried to defend Lwaxana’s innocence, saying she was in Wayrest the whole time. Gilead and Saoirse weren’t convinced though after hearing that Lwaxana may have magic and the person who killed the King had used magic.
The group went to a bar where Morris had previously spoken to a guard who had mentioned the princess being at the scene of the crime. They spoke to one of the guards there, telling him they were from the Lion’s Den and were sent to help with the investigation. He got them access to the castle so that they could speak to the king’s personal guard, who had been there when the girl was seen. The guard was confident that the person who killed the King was not Lwaxana. He was very close with the princess and recognized the person as an impostor. He was around for Lwaxana’s birth and had watched her grow up. He mentioned that there was an angel present at her birth, who had told them a prophecy about her, and that this prophecy was why magic items were banned for the most part. He agreed to help the party investigate Irovetti, as Morris believed he had played a role in the kings murder.

Perhaps next time the group will be able to find out who the murderer was?


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