World of Ecromor

As Slow as a Lazy Armadillo

The group awakened on the Adelaide with newly acquired dream items and Faolán and Saoirse began working to fix the mast of the ship. Just a couple more days spent on the ship before they arrived at Newside. Upon arrival, the gang split up to cover more ground.

Faolán set off to find local wildlife to learn about. Saoirse set off to find assistance from the local temple. Gilead went to the library to learn about the Sand Storm Chasm and what could be expected. Morris secured lodging for the day at the Lazy Armadillo and set a meeting with a someone to see what they know of the area.

The gang met with a high elf woman named Shara. She wore scale armor and carried a device on her back that seemed to fire some projectile from it. She warned everyone of the potential for jackalweres in the chasm and as a passing thought, said to beware the gnolls in the grasslands before the desert.

After some preparation for the jackalweres, everyone set out. Shortly after they embarked, they were ambushed by gnolls.


Beware the grassy gnolls!

As Slow as a Lazy Armadillo
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