World of Ecromor

The Festival of the Moon

And an invite from the Lord of the Hunt

Upon completing their mission at White Plume Mountain the group decided that they wanted to take a couple days of rest. Gilead uses this time to study the spell scrolls that had been found in the dungeon, while Faolán acquainted himself with some of the etiquette of noble society. Saoirse, meanwhile, was just pleased to get to spend some time with her long-lost family. Baram had left, a little disheartened, after Blackrazor decided it no longer needed him. The party still hadn’t heard anything from Morris but chose to stick to their original plans of celebrating the Festival of the Moon and Lightwich.
The group was all relaxing when suddenly strange things started to happen. Gilead found himself suddenly unable to open his mouth without pink bubbles flowing forth. Faolán found himself suddenly able to teleport, similarly to how Gilead uses his misty step spell. Saoirse suddenly started hearing music coming from, seemingly, nowhere. In the same room as Saoirse, Neifion had lighting shooting uncontrollably from his hands.
Urien Brenhinol realized what was going on and announced to everyone that the Festival had officially begun and suggested that they go out in the city and enjoy the celebration. Every met up in front of the house, and set out towards the market district to see what fun they could find.
After traveling a short distance into the docks, en route to the market district they came across a dead body in an alley, just off the main road. There were red mushrooms growing out of the blood coming from the body. The group, unsure what to make of the mushrooms, burned them, just in case. A guard found them with the body but after Saoirse rattled off some medical jargan believed they weren’t responsible for the death and agreed to take the body to a temple.
Further along they came across a group of people dancing around a pile of swords. Gilead, upset to see humans ruining the festival tried to break up the group. They saw his rapier and all tried to steal it. The party had to fight off the crowd, subduing them until they were in their right minds. Gilead, while defending himself, accidentally broke his rapier. The crowd suddenly lost interest after his sword broke and went back to what they had been doing.
Saoirse mended his sword, while he ritually casted Leomund’s Tiny Hut around the swords so people would grow bored and leave them. While performing his ritual, Faolán, in spider form, webbed the people that had been knocked out to slow them down when they came to. Before finishing his ritual the group saw a man who looked elven, but with big horns on his head, walk through the square with a giant bear. Gilead recognized him as the Lord of the Hunt. The party was busy at the time and decided not to get involved.
After Gilead completed his ritual, the people, that hadn’t been knocked out, lost interest and left. The party then moved the swords into a nearby house where they hoped they would be left alone. When they were done they decided that they wanted to see if they could find the Lord of the Hunt. They took off in the direction he had headed but didn’t make it far before finding themselves in a fight with red caps. In the middle of the battle suddenly a huge thunder cloud moved in overhead. A bolt of lightning struck right by the party, leaving behind an unusual creature. The creature, appeared to want to help them fight the red caps. When they finally took out all the red caps they were exhausted, and a little fed up with the festival. They decided to head back to the Brenhinol estate, and their new friend tagged along, claiming that’s he liked Saoirse, because she smelled like lightning.
Once the group got back to the estate Saoirse decided to go looking for a mirror she could use to scry on the Lord of the Hunt, still being curious about him. She found something she could use in Rhosyn’s room. She left a note, promising to return it by morning and took it down into the library to use it. When she scryed on the Fey Lord she suddenly saw him look right at her and take off, as though to come and gone her. She told the others and cast a spell to be able to detect if there were fey nearby and sensed that he was already on the estate. The group ran out to the gardens to see if they could spot him. Gilead used his raven to look from above and saw him coming right at them on a spectral horse. They hid behind some trees and bushes and waited.
The Lord of the Hunt walked through the trees and asked them to show themselves. Faolán stepped out and began talking to him. Faolán told Saoirse and Gilead to come out too and they begrudgingly obliged. The Lord of the Hunt invited Faolán to join him in a hunt the following day. He told them to meet him South of the city if they were interested and parted ways.
What exactly will this hunt entail? And will the party take part in it?


YourHumbleGM CadenceAmelia

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