World of Ecromor

The Hunt for the Great Ox

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

With the Festival of the Moon in full swing Gilead and Saoirse found themselves feeling a little more whimsical than normal, and Saoirse, having used Whelm for the first time, the day before, found herself suffering from agoraphobia. Despite the fact that the two of them weren’t in ideal condition they joined Faolán to find out more about this hunt.
They traveled South, out of the city to some nearby woods, now quite overgrown from how close the Feywilds were to the Material plane. They came to a small clearing with three beautiful women and five dear all in front of a large tent. In front of the tent lay the bear they had seen with the Lord of the Hunt the night before. The women were tending to the deer, brushing their coats and feeding them. In a sudden impulse Gilead decided to try to ride one of the deer. The deer wasn’t impressed by Gilead approaching so quickly so Faolán made his way over to calm down the deer. Gilead still insisted on mounting the deer, but was disappointed when it just stood there. Saoirse, seeing this happen, decided that she too would like to ride a deer. She frightened her when she approached but one of the women calmed it and asked her if she wanted to ride the deer. She excitedly climbed on and the woman lead the deer around for a little while for her to ride it.
Faolán convinced Gilead that he should dismount from his deer and come speak to the Lord of the Hunt with him but Saoirse was enjoying her ride far too much to be persuaded. Faolán and Gilead approached the tent but they were told to wait for the Lord of the Hunt to return to camp. Gilead, curious about the inside of the tent tried to send his raven inside but the bear blocking the entrance swatted it away, killing the familiar in the process.
When the Lord of the Hunt entered the camp he invited them to come inside with him and allowed Gilead to use a brazier to resummon his raven while he spoke to Faolán. Meanwhile, outside Saoirse had grown bored riding the deer and decided to go look for a tree to climb. She didn’t make it far up the tree before being overwhelmed by the agoraphobia and running back to camp and joining the others in the tent.
When the party had all the information they needed for the hunt they headed out in the direction of last known location of the ox. They traveled all day before reaching the edge of the woods and setting up camp. While camp was being set up Gilead decided he wanted to play a prank on the Lord of the Hunt who was camping nearby. He took a stone and cast a spell on it so it would repeat the same “riddle” over and over again. He had his raven drop the stone in the camp and quickly made his way back to the others.
In the morning the group woke to find the bear had come to their camp with the stone to “return” it to Gilead. They set out over the mountains to where Faolán sensed the Great Ox. They traveled until nightfall and set up camp. The next morning Faolán sensed that the Ox hadn’t moved much over night and summoned some pixies to cast fly on his party members while he wildshaped into a bird. They flew toward the Ox, and eventually saw the Lord of the Hunt ahead of them.
As the cleared the top of a mountain ridge, in the clearing below they saw their Ox. It was four stories tall and surrounded by smaller ox. There were several giants in the area, keeping watch over the beasts. Faolán told everyone to wait while he flew ahead. He tried to talk to the Great Ox but before he could make much progress the Lord of the Hunt grew impatient and fired an arrow. When Faolán still didn’t attack the Lord of the Hunt rode down into the clearing and began to fire arrows at the Ox. Faolán tried to tell the Ox to run but the Lord of the Hunt charmed him and forced him to attack. Meanwhile Gilead and Saoirse tried to take out some of the giants, much to the enjoyment of Whelm.
Ultimately, Faolán ended the battle when he summoned a sea hag, killing the frightened ox. The Lord of the Hunt began to prepare the Ox for travel. Faolán spoke to him momentarily about his father. The Lord of the Hunt had little information but gave Faolán a bowl and told him to fill it with water every morning. He would contact Faolán with it, if he heard anything about his father. They then parted ways and headed back to the city.
Back in Lightwich, the party learned that the King, Warton Caufield had been murdered. They headed back to the Brenhinol estate as it was late.
Cerridwyn was relieved to see Saoirse’s safe return, after she left with no warning. And Rhosyn was happy to have her mirror returned, even if a couple days later than primised. Gilead volunteered to the city guard to help clear out the rest of the red caps. While they werw away, a letter came from the Lions Den. One of their previous employers had disappeared and his house ransacked. Faolán, urgently wants to get back to Wayrest to check on Lwaxana Caufield and be sure she is safe. Meanwhile, Morris is believed to be headed to Redgate, where the King was killed.
Being pulled is so many different directions, what will the party do?


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