World of Ecromor

The One Where Morris Disappeared

Mindflayers and Intellect Devourers and Dueregar, oh my!

Taking The Night Off
The party decided to take a rest for the night at Saoirse’s family estate. While most of the party slept, Saoirse chose to stay up all night reuniting with her family. When the party eventually regrouped for breakfast Gilead noticed that he hadn’t seen Morris since the night before. The help that had seen him to his chambers led the group to his room. When they knocked there was no reply so Saoirse sent the help to get the key to the room. Faolán, not feeling like waiting, wild shaped into a spider and crawled under the door to find the room empty and the bed left unmade.
Faolán let the rest of the group in and they began to search the room for clues as to where the investigator might have gone. The trunk with his belongings was empty and there were foot prints on the ground outside his second story window. Deciding they needed to follow the trail, everyone donned their armor and made their way to meet at the trail.

On The Trail
The party meets up below Morris’ window in order to better examine the foot prints. Faolán, using another wild shape, turns into a dog and leads the way. They follow the trail with ease until they make it off the estate and into bustling city streets. They lose the trail momentarily but manage to overhear two men discussing something suspicious. Gilead decides to eavesdrop on their conversation to see if they can pick up anymore information. When he feels he has enough information the party follows them to a building. They sneak into the place with little resistance but are left a little frazzled when they reach a hallway where they find themselves under the effects of a silence spell. They try to pick the lock on the door but due to Saoirse’s exhaustion from being up all night she fails miserably at the attempt.
They step outside, where they can hear, to plan their next course of action. Saoirse first attempts to bash open the door, again failing. Gilead decides to take matters into his own hands and blasts the handle off the door with a firebolt, finally gaining them access to the other side. Upon walking through the threshold of the door they can suddenly hear again. Gilead, sending his arcane eye ahead sees that the people inside heard their entrance and are ready to attack. He teleports right into the middle of the room while Saoirse and Faolán run in. They fell their adversaries quickly, leaving a few who managed to escape and sparing the leader to question. They find out that Morris has already been taken on the Smiling Lily to another locations.

At The Docks
The party makes their way to the docks to find out where Morris was taken, deciding to speak to the Dockmaster first. The Dockmaster eventually, after some persuasion, reveals that the Smiling Lily is a slave ship and has likely gone to Slavers Island. With this information they now need a boat. With the help of Gilead they find out that the Brenhinol family owns a ship and they are able to locate it with relative ease as it is the only ship in the docks with the Brenhinol family crest. They approach a sailor from the shop and inform them that they will need the ship. The sailor originally mistakes Saoirse for her twin sister, Cerridwyn, and upon finding out that she is not, decides to go get the captain. The captain of the ship remembers mention of a twin many years ago and accepts that she is indeed that twin. The captain offers use of his own ship, which is much smaller than the Brenhinol family’s ship. They make haste towards Slaver’s Island and ready themselves to save Morris.

Meanwhile with Morris
While the rest of the party is attempting to catch up, Morris is already at Slaver’s Island. He is bound and gagged with none of his gear. His captor leads him off the ship to a nearby cave where he is sold to a mindflayer. He is put into a room with several other prisoners and some Dueregar who are keeping watch.

At Slaver’s Island
The party eventually makes it to the Island and Faolán, once again in dog form, begins to follow Morris’ trail. They follow a path that eventually ends at the mouth of a cave. The cave entrance is guarded by two men. The party attempts to convince them that they are there to purchase a slave. Meanwhile, inside Morris is bound and gagged and he watches as a mindflayer begins to eat the brains out of one of his fellow captives. Deciding he doesn’t particularly want his brain to be eaten he begins to feign choking. The mindflayer stops eating and gestures to one of the Duergar. The Duergar removes Morris’ gag and tries to stop him from choking. Morris takes advantage of his situation and dimension doors out of the cave, a short ways behind the rest of the party. Gilead cuts him loose and when Morris tells them there are more prisoners inside Gilead and Faolán immediately prepare themselves for battle. Saoirse hearing foot falls coming out of the cave towards them casts a spell causing a strong gust of wind to push back anyone in front of her coming out of the cave, sending the guard flying backwards into the cave. Morris, while invisible and Gilead, with his blade song, run into the cave. Faolán changes shape into a giant elk and makes his way in as well. Morris in the chaos of the battle is attacked by an intellect devourer and left as a mindless husk. The party eventually takes down all but the mindflayers, who manages to escape.
When Saoirse finally drops her spell, they find Morris in his miserable state, and many other prisoners in similar condition. They save the prisoner’s, bringing them all back to the dock. They aren’t able to fit everyone on their ship though and must find somewhere for the fourteen victims of the intellect devourer. They convince the crew of a Slaver’s ship called Valhalla’s Grace to transport them back to Lightwich. Faolán flies ahead to alert the temple that they will need priests at the docks to help, and they have the captain who brought them over retrieve the city guard when he arrives ahead of them.

Back In The City
The party finally makes it back to Lightwich but the crew on their ship notice that there are guards at the docks. Not wanting to get arrested they tell the party to take the skiff and use it to get everyone to shore. With some manipulation they got the captain (who was only captain because they left the real captain back on Slaver’s Island) below deck and locked him up. They convinced the rest of the crew to take them to shore.
Upon arrival at the docks the captain was arrested and the rest of the crew agreed to work for the party in exchange for their freedom, therein giving the party their own ship.
After this delay the party now must decide if they are heading onto White Plume Mountain or sticking around Lightwich for the festival. And what will Morris do about his captor?


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