World of Ecromor

The One Where Shade was Found Out

..That little shit.

To Slaad, or Not To Slaad
Last time, the siblings had just ran after Food; The Unusual before he began to fly away. Keyleth had a good look at the creature that was revealed through her Crystal Ball of Truesight and recognized it from her studies long ago. This creature was a slaad.

Frustrated, they decide they need to do a little research to be sure what they are about to try and chase down. During this time however, they were told that the Bakelett that was still around in Ithlondoth(the capitol city of the country where Terental is located), and they were currently pulling resources to find something or someone. Keyleth and Feryndul were encouraged to seek out the Bakelett family and see if they could determine what they were trying to find. Shade was a little more keen to find the slaad.

Adventures in the Outlands
The Elves spy again on the escaped creature to determine if is even in a place they know and can get to. They only saw the creature in some food stores and consuming everything around. Unable to determine where to go for him, the siblings decide to pay a visit to the Bakelett family to determine what they are up to. Shade‘s “failed” attempt at a teleport left them all on a mountain so instead they found a flat portion on the mountain and used the Well of Many Worlds. With it’s use, they suddenly found themselves in the Outlands beneath the city of Sigil. They eventually made their way up to the city and found an eclectic city with devils, angels, giants and humans all in one place.

They spend a small bit of time here before moving on with another Plane Shift by Feryndul and end up just outside of Ithlondoth, south of Terental. They arrived in the late afternoon and decided to find an inn to stay for the night. Shade then took some time to seek out a contact to “gather information” about what the Bakelett family was up to. This slightly backfired on her however and they began to chase her. She went invisible and moved away without being caught and then returned to the siblings. The family’s agents then moved to see the Elves at the inn indicating that it was too coincidental that they arrived in the same day as Shade.


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