World of Ecromor

The One With the Yeti

"Let her go, let her go..."

Keyleth, Feryndul, and Shade made their way down the mountain in Ysgard on a quest to find a giant touched by its deity. On the way down, Feryndul attempted to gain their bearings by asking a squirrel for directions. The squirrel told Feryndul of a village located through a forest, but said that the forest had large hairy creatures in it that (sadly) had eaten many of its friends. Just then the ground began to shake, and the squirrel, obviously frightened, darted off and climbed up into a tree. Feryndul and Keyleth quickly realized what was going on: the entire snowy side of the mountain the party just travelled down was moving right towards them!

Knowing Keyleth and Shade both have the ability to move quickly, Feryndul cleverly cast Tree Stride on himself with the hope of using the trees to outrun the avalanche. Together, Keyleth and Feryndul took off… apparently leaving Shade behind! It seems Shade didn’t realize what was happening since she was still standing still, looking around to find the source of the shaking and noise.

Realizing this, Keyleth shouted back to her, “Shade, run!” Knowing her two companions wouldn’t run from just anything, Shade finally took off, running confusedly after her companions. However, while Keyleth deftly used her speed to navigate the trees, and Feryndul the very trees themselves as a means to move through the forest, Shade had trouble pushing through the snow and teleporting due to the trees blocking her line of sight. She quickly fell behind.

Just when it seemed like she had lost her party completely, and still not even knowing what she was running from, she caught a glimpse of something as she stumbled in the snow: Something huge, white, and hairy! The creature let out a roar and gave her a look that almost seemed to freeze her in place, but she was able to shake it off—just before taking a hard blow from its huge claw.

Meanwhile, Keyleth noticed that Shade had fallen behind and backtracked to try to locate her. She came upon Shade and the yeti and immediately sprang into action, landing several fearsome attacks on it. Shade used the opportunity to retreat, firing several shots of Eldritch Blast in an attempt to knock the yeti back so Keyleth could escape as well. However, the huge creature was faster than she anticipated, and it was able to easily close the gap again before Keyleth could move. The yeti, clearly upset with Keyleth for the punishment she inflicted upon it, struck Keyleth with one of its freezing glares and paralyzed her. It then followed up with its own savage attacks, as the ground continued to shake all around them…

Shade, worried about the constant, intensifying shaking and seeing Keyleth was now the one in trouble, rather uncharacteristically changed direction and headed back toward the battle. She used her shadow step ability to place herself directly between the yeti and Keyleth—but her courage was to no avail. Instead of attacking the nearest target, the creature hit them both with a blast of frigid air, almost knocking Keyleth unconscious in doing so.

Thankfully, it was about this time that Feryndul finally located the two girls, allowing him to cast a healing spell on his sister. Shade, in turn, answered the yeti’s attack by summoning a hound of ill omen to harry the creature and give her the upper hand with the Eyebite spell. As her eyes became a pool of darkness, she gave the creature her own death glare, and the creature fell into a deep sleep…

Just then, Keyleth was finally able to break free of the paralysis that had taken her, and the party took off with the wall of snow right behind them. Once again, Shade had trouble keeping up, and in a last ditch effort to escape the avalanche, she tried to cast Teleport—but the snow took her before she could complete the incantation.

Buried alive by snow and gravely injured, Shade tried to use a subtle casting of Teleport to free herself, trying her best to remember her surroundings as she tumbled in the snow. However, something went horribly wrong. Shade indeed appeared free of her icy prison, high above the snow… only to fall lifelessly 120 feet to the ground below.

When Keyleth and Feryndul both met at the edge of the forest out of reach of the avalanche they noticed there was no sign of Shade. Feryndul cast sending to try to ask if she had made it out alright. After getting no reply, he scryed on her and found her lifeless body lying in the snow. Keyleth began to backtrack on her own, figuring she could move faster, in an attempt to find Shade. It took a couple hours but she eventually found Shade’s body and made it back to Feryndul.

The two carried Shade to the village they could see in the distance. When they arrived, it was late and everyone seemed to be sleeping. They found an inn to stay in and Keyleth traded a potion for a week’s stay, as they had no electrum. When they made it to their room Feryndul got to work resurrecting Shade. When she came back though, she just didn’t seem the same.

The group all began to rest up, ready to set out the next morning in search of their giant.


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