World of Ecromor


The Return of Morris Holmes

Shortly before going to sleep for the night the party got a letter from Morris, telling them to meet him in Redgate.
The party awoke early the next morning to go about their business before they could teleport to Wayrest. Gilead, as promised went to the guard tower to help with the red caps. Faolán joined him and they managed to take out the remaining red caps in a few hours. Saoirse took this time to acquire components for her spells. When they had finished everything they headed to the Lion’s Den where they teleported to the headquarters in Wayrest. Saoirse went to speak with Hisspira while Faolán went to check on Lwaxana, and Gilead investigated the destroyed remains of Kormo’s mansion.
Saoirse was given a promotion to Claw Member(other party remaing Paw Members) by Hisspira and asked to let her know if they found out anything about the death of King Warton Caufield while they are in Redgate.
Faolán managed to get into the princesses room and speak to her. He discovered that she didn’t consider the King to be her father. She cryptically referred to someone else as her father and suggested that whoever it was takes care of her (i.e. slowing her fall when she jumped out of a tree).
Gilead, while examining the remains of Kormo’s mansion, came across a note that was magically disguised. The note contained a riddle which ultimately lead Gilead to find a ring that had been teleported into the mouth of the enormous black dragon head mounted in the Lion’s Den.
The group convinced Hisspira to let them use the teleportation circle to get to Redgate more quickly. Saoirse had to pay for the cost of the service but they were then teleported to the Lion’s Den in Redgate.
When they arrived Saoirse sent a message to Morris, letting him know that they were at the Lion’s Den, and to meet them there. They waited for him in the bar area of the Den. When he arrived, they caught each other up on the various details of what had been going on.
Morris had found out that not long before the King had been murdered, Irovetti Corrino had returned to the city with a drow woman and a pale, young looking girl. Morris had heard rumors that someone who looked like Lwaxana had murdered the king. Faolán tried to defend Lwaxana’s innocence, saying she was in Wayrest the whole time. Gilead and Saoirse weren’t convinced though after hearing that Lwaxana may have magic and the person who killed the King had used magic.
The group went to a bar where Morris had previously spoken to a guard who had mentioned the princess being at the scene of the crime. They spoke to one of the guards there, telling him they were from the Lion’s Den and were sent to help with the investigation. He got them access to the castle so that they could speak to the king’s personal guard, who had been there when the girl was seen. The guard was confident that the person who killed the King was not Lwaxana. He was very close with the princess and recognized the person as an impostor. He was around for Lwaxana’s birth and had watched her grow up. He mentioned that there was an angel present at her birth, who had told them a prophecy about her, and that this prophecy was why magic items were banned for the most part. He agreed to help the party investigate Irovetti, as Morris believed he had played a role in the kings murder.

Perhaps next time the group will be able to find out who the murderer was?


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